New Music Coming Soon

I have opportunity to release some music that I am working on with friends. Music that I really like to play and listen. It should be more of album with collaboration of people that I have met here in Leicester, played with and helped me be where I am now. Some of it will be composed by me and some might by my friends. I thought I should definitely start sharing experiences along.

Here is a little video (Me on Bass guitar- the bass is the same as on the picture it was the first time I have played it on session) Piano- Mike Sole, Drums- Dave Anderson. We have also recorded vocals and Josie Parr composed lyrics. It was recorded  in Tiny Studios at Leicester by Neil Segrott

The main idea is to capture moment here in Leicester and play with this guys just to have something together and have more reasons to come over here as I am moving away to Birmingham

This video is just taken with my phone camera so bare that in ind and actual son will be available to listen and download later in summer if everything goes well.

At Last I have to thank Creoglass for giving me this huge opportunity to be doing this project as they are the main sponsor and if they didn’t help out than it would not most probably have happened.

click on this links if you want to hear sound from recordings

My New Bass

The Bass above is not ready yet as you can see the bridge and pickups are not placed in yet. Once is ready I will post more pictures and later some recordings.



I have been playing with this idea last week and I quite like this song. I was mainly trying to simplify my ideas and make strong melody. Have a listen and tell me what you think.

I hope you will enjoy it


New Composition


It has been while since I posted here. I am planning to change this site a little making it hopefully more interesting and engaging. I am currently working on transcribing music much more than I used to ( i recommend it to anyone) most stuff I write down so I practice both reading and listening and I am learning new music. I am planning to post some of the transcriptions that I am or have been working on over here shortly. Plus some lessons, as I am getting into private teaching more and more. If you have any transcriptions that you need a help with or any lesson or advice on bass playing or music or composition, bass line etc please post a comment or email me on my contact form.

In a main while listen to the track I attached and I hope you will like it. Any positive constructive comment is welcome

Until next time


Review of Phil Braithwaite Masterclass @ Leicester College


Hi all,

Phil Braithwaite is a London based guitarist currently gigging with virtuoso violinist Vanessa Mae. Currently doing about 250 gigs a year, which is almost every day. Not just that but he also wrote couple of books and here is one more coming soon.

He performed some of the fusion music that he wrote. After first piece you could see him as well equipped musician and I don’t mean just in terms of the gear but also musical knowledge.

Phill is really nice relaxed guy and he spoke about his journey as a musician and a human. He really makes sure to explain how important is music and live playing for him. He turned down safe job teaching (at age of 23) in Succesfull University in London to pursue his playing. And I believe it worked. As he explained he rarely turn down a gig and that gives him so much work. He explained how it helped him to get gig with Vanessa Mae.